Technology helps us to be more productive, but, it also increases the risk of your personal and confidential information being stolen by a third-party. You probably know that many large companies experienced data breaches. While no one can be entirely certain their information is safe in cyberspace, I provide two methods to decrease the risk of disclosure of your personal information.

The communications on this website are secure. This website uses security procedures designed to protect information obtained from you via the website against unauthorized access and alteration during its transmission across the internet. This website is protected by the SSL (Secure Layer Socket) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. SSL and  TSL technology use data encryption to create a secure environment for you to send and receive confidential information.

Additionally, you will have your own secure client communication portal. You can create your own customized login. Communications are private. Files are securely uploaded and downloaded through the portal. You can even securely review and makes changes to documents.

The security on this website is intended to remove any concerns you have about protecting your confidential information. Of course, you can still communicate with me in any way you are comfortable.